March 2007

The mighty GJ.Ok, this has already featured over on Deadspin but it’s just too good to miss if you haven’t already heard it.

Some dude put together some GJ commentary and some bigass beats and produced an excellent little tune that reminded me (and everyone else who heard it) just how excellent Gus Johnson is at his job. Here’s the clip.

The thing about good annoucing is that it’s a bit like oldskool beat poetry. Just like an actor reading a monologue or a singer harmonising to a song, a good annoucers prose will flow with its own beat and with that of the game he’s calling. It’s not something we (or even they) notice consciously, but when it’s done well, announcing can raise that hair on the back of your neck just like all of your favorite songs do.

That’s the reason some announcing goes so well with music. You have to pick the right tracks but if the initial composition is good then you’ll end up with something remarkable.

Please note: This is not liable to work with any amount of commentary performed by Phil Simms. Don’t even bother trying.

Hat-tip: Deadspin, Putfile

Aquaman. Not nearly as good as he sounds.The amount of speculation on the interwebs over who Miami’s next QB will be is getting a little silly.

Depending on who you listen to, next season the Dolphin’s will be fielding: JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, JaMarcus Russell AND Brady Quinn, Trent Green, David Carr, Trent Green AND David Carr, Brett Favre, Drew Bledsoe and even (for the love of God) Joe Theismann.

The only person who seems to get left off of that list is Daunte Culpepper. Over on the fanhouse, Michael David Smith (one of the best writers on there IMO) points out that Culpeppers’ injury has been bothering him for a considerable length of time now and he doesn’t appear to be the same player that he was back in 2004. Perhaps this is the reason for all the rampant speculation we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

The truth is though, that we haven’t actually seen the 100% fully fit Dolphin Daunte yet. Call it mindless optimism on my behalf if you will, but the fact is, that at the beginning of last season, Culpepper wasn’t done healing. The games he did play in can’t have helped his injury but that doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t actually seen him play at full fitness yet. With that in mind, is it any wonder that the Phish management and fans alike, want to give the guy another shot before tossing him asside for a possible draft bust?

Thats the way their owners voted anyway. The other 30 owners voted a resounding yes to making Instant Replay a permanent feature in the NFL.I hope nobodies junk is in that box...

I think it’s a good move but I can’t help wondering what it is exactly that Mike Brown and Bill Bidwill have against Instant Replay? This isn’t the first time they have voted against it, what gives? Perhaps they were both victims of some cruel VCR prank at some point in their childhoods and just can’t bare to relive the nightmares?

Unfortunately, at the same meeting,the 49’ers withdrew their proposal for two different levels of pass interference. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of that idea.

Also, both moving the OT Kickoff to the 30 yard line and giving Defenses the same communications devices as QB’s were both rejected. Oh, and now there’s an extra window for interviewing assistant coaches or something boring and irrelevent like that.

It don’t come better than this: (er… these)

Apparently there’s some sort of bat and ball season kicking off soon. Here’s a great preview of it anyway. [Complete Sports]

Who is the bigger badass – Happy Gilmore or Roy McAvoy? Find out over at [WBRS Sports Blog]

A whole new (and excellent) way of ranking whether a decision was ‘Ok Ace’ or ‘Lame Duck City’ [Ladies…]

Is Jason Jennings undervalued? [The Extrapolater] explains why you should take that chance.

[Signal to Noise]’s vision of the ninth circle of hell is alarmingly similar to mine. Except mine involves the Bay City Rollers and the banning of cheerleaders.

and finally…

Guess whose presenting the 15th ESPY awards this year? Any ideas? [Awful Announcing]

How interesting can it be?An interesting post over on the fanhouse mentions the possible change in rules regarding coin tosses.

Which kinda got me thinking about the XFL’s short lived idea of having a 20 yard dash to secure the ball instead of a toss.

In principle it seemed like a great idea but then, on the very first dash, one of the players dislocated his shoulder and was out for nearly the entire season. Now imagine if that were to happen to your star player and all for the sake of getting to choose who kicksoff first.

So what do you think, could this idea work in the NFL? Is it something you would like to see introduced or not? Got any better alternatives to a toss?

'The Weir Way'Alright, one more figure Skating post then I’m done, promise…

What is it about Johnny Weir? He hasn’t scored a podium place in either the World Championships or The Olympics and yet everybody knows he is one of the worlds best Male Skaters.

If you go to a Figure Skating event and ask people who they are most looking forward to seeing, chances are a lot of them will say ‘Johnny Weir’. And the announcers would probably agree with them. When Johnny takes to the ice there is an electric charge in the air, the crowd want to watch his performance, whether it be a winning one or not.

I’ve heard so many cliches used to describe Johnny over the last few years, ‘Marches to the beat of his own Drum’, ‘Doesn’t care what others think of him’ and the old announcers favorite: ‘He is the John McEnroe of figure Skating’. John McEnroe? Nope, I just don’t see it. Yes, he is an individual skater who won’t always go for the conventional approach to a competition, but there’s a very good reason for that. Just like there’s a reason you won’t see him push for the win at the expense of a good program.

That reason is this: Johnny believes in the performance, the heart and soul of Figure Skating. He’s got the weapons to win a World Championship; He can do the Quad jumps and he can do the spins that other skaters can’t even work out, but he doesn’t always choose to use them. Why? Because the Performance comes first.

And thats why the people love to watch him out on the ice. Nobody has the flair or the creativity that Johnny has. When he skates, you can see how into it he is, how much he lives for his sport.

What does this mean? Well sadly for his fans (like me, in case you hadn’t already guessed), we may never get to see him on the podium of either of the two major champs but at the same time, we’ll still love to watch him. No matter what he does, Johnny will always give you a great performance. That’s what he believes in and it shows.

Definition of dull.The World Swimming Championships is in full swing down in Melbourne, Australia.

I have no idea whats happening down there though, because I ain’t watchin’ it.

What? I gave you the Figure Skating didn’t I? Wasn’t that enough for you huh? Ok, ok here’s a link for crying out loud.

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