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Below is an ad from British TV which features Lewis Hamilton, not only the most exciting young driver for many years but also, perhaps, the savior of the sport.

A brief bio on monsieur Hamilton: Lewis started racing when he was six. His father held down three jobs to support his son’s ambition, but still managed to attend all his races, as he still does today. Despite not having reached puberty yet, Hamilton already had bigger balls than I have when, at age 11, Lewis approached Ron Dennis (CEO of McLaren Mercedes) and told him “I’m going to race for you one day… I’m going to race for McLaren”.

At 13 Hamilton became the youngest driver ever to secure a Formula 1 contract. That’s right, he had a professional racing contract when he was thirteen, what were you doing at that age? I remember watching skits on him six years ago and they were saying back then that he was incredibly talented. This year is his first in Formula 1 and at 22 he is the youngest driver ever to have finished in the top three at his first four races.

And boy do I wish he drove for Ferrari rather than their sworn rival… *sigh* Here’s the ad:

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