JakezillaLast year, the top O-line prospect in the NFL Draft went fishing. This year, the top O-line prospect is a Phish. After pondering the question yesterday, it looks like we have our answer. Jake Long has signed to a five year, $57.5 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. As of Saturday, Jakezilla will be a Dolphin.

And I really couldn’t be happier. Although I do have a twinge of disappointment that the other Long will is not the one, I am extremely happy at how well the Dolphins front office has handled this.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the god vs bad of having the number one pick, but I think Parcells has shown the rest of league how to do it. Choose your guy and then go after him. Sort it out early, before the draft if you can and all the usual first pick issues will be lessened a great deal.

All of a sudden, the Dolphins O-line looks very tasty indeed and I can’t wait to see what John Beck can do under centre now that he actually has some blocking up front. I’m sure Jakezilla will be a star in the NFL for many years to come!


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